Monday, 10 March 2008

Jon's yuvtools

I just thought I should mention yuvtools. This is an image viewer and videoplayer written by Jon Rosser for doing video processing development properly. So it allows you to look at lots of different picture formats, specifying exactly what colour space you want to use. You can inspect the video pixel by pixel if necessary, and the player won't do any unknown transformations or interpolations. The video player will lock to the GPU frame rate, and won't invent pictures or drop them arbitrarily.

The videoplayer also now has support for direct decoding of Dirac video using a wrapper library for the Dirac or Schro decoders. The wrapper will be out in the next Dirac release in a couple of weeks time. There isn't a release of yuvtools at the moment, just the cvs repository - I suppose there will be one at the same time as the Dirac release. If you're doing any video processing development, check it out when it comes out.

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meeware said...

Are there any plans to take these OS tools along to Mashed?