Tuesday, 12 February 2008

VC-2 progress

We recently had the first round of voting within SMPTE for the standardisation of Dirac Intra coding as VC-2. For those well-versed in the minutiae of standards processes, this was for elevating the VC-2 draft from CD (Committee Draft) to FCD (Final Committee Draft) status.

Things went pretty well: the core spec went through with no votes against, and so will be adopted as FCD when the comments are addressed. We also put in a conformance document which describes the reference software we've written, the test bit streams and the procedures for developers to use them to establish conformance of their implementations. There was a strong majority in favour, but two votes against this time. We need to address the No votes to take this forward to FCD, so this document needs a bit more work, although we think we understand the issues.

Far more importantly, I now have this on my desk. It's very shiny. I think I'm going to have a bit of fun getting the colours to look reasonable, though ...

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